are historic questions that will require either exceptional historic knowledge or successful internet searches to answer them. The questions are straightforward but obtaining the answer may not be. However, all answers can be obtained by properly searching the internet and utilizing any and all available historic venues to find the answer. For example, HeritageQuest is an excellent resource of geneology and the US Census (hint). But there are many others.

Our "Internet Hunts" will run continuous throughout the winter. Questions will be updated randomly, and can be as frequently as daily. Depending on the type of Internet Hunt game, unanswered questions will remain listed until answered. Answered questions will be moved immediately.

The first step to play is to register your information with
. Registration is FREE and is only required one time. Once registered, you will have access to all the questions that are currently active. It is VERY IMPORTANT that your registration is 100% accurate. Any incorrect information that is registered can result in forfeiture of any prizes won.
All Internet Hunts' questions are straightforward, single questions. The questions are created through our internet research using all resources available, and they are all based on the United States - the country, states, towns, cities, places, landmarks, and people. All questions are then verified for accuracy so that there are minimal misinterpretations.

All answers will follow strict rules and formats for consistency. Any deviation from these will result in a wrong answer.

Rules and Formats
All names of people and places will follow proper grammar in regards to capitalization. For example, the name spelled "George Washington" is correct, whereas the spelled "george washington" will be incorrect. The same applies to places. For example, the state name spelled "North Dakota" is correct, but the name spelled "north dakota" or abbreviated as ND will be incorrect. All other words will also follow this rule in which the first letter will be capitalized. For example, the occupation of 'box sealer' will be correct as 'Box Sealer'. These rules will be in place unless otherwise stated in the question.
There will NO special characters required (such as '&'). Periods, commas, double quotes and hyphens will be the only non-alphanumeric characters accepted.
• Periods will mostly be used at the end of a middle initial
• Commas will mostly be used to separate a town/city and state
• Double quotes will be used ONLY when it's common within the name/place
• Hyphens will mostly be used when entering two-digit numbered answers
Dates will also follow a standard format using the full month name, 2 digit date, comma, space and 4 digit year. For example, January 01, 1900 is correct but 01/01/1900 is not.
Numbered answers will also have rules applied. Any two-digit numbered answers will need to be entered as it's spelled. For example, the answer 'Twenty' is correct but '20' is not. Three or more digits will be accepted as their true numbers (and with no commas).
Abbreviations will only be required for middle initials (unless otherwise indicated in the question).

INCORRECT (examples)
George Washington
Mary A. Smith
Captain John Smith
george washington
Mary A Smith or M A Smith...
Cpt. John Smith
January 01, 1900

01/01/1900 or 1/1/00 or January 1, 1900 or January 1, 00 or 01011900...

Pasadena, California

Mount Rushmore
Pasadena, CA or pasadena ca or
pasadena, ca ...

Mt. Rushmore or MT Rushmore...
If there is a format that is unclear, please contact us.

FORMAT HINTS: Occasionally, questions may be followed by a format hint, such as Xxx Xxx. This is meant to give players direction on how an answer is formatted but NOT HOW MANY LETTERS ARE IN THE ANSWER. For example:

Xxx Xxx = Two words, both capitalized
Xxx xxx = Two words, but only the first is capitalized
Xxx! = One word, capitalized, followed by an exclamation point
xxx = Nothing is capitalized
Xxx X. Xxx = This will most likely reference a name (and usually serves as a reminder of the NAMES rule)
It's hard to categorize our questions based on difficulty because some questions may be easy for some but difficult for others. Instead, our questions will have a POINT SYSTEM established based on research levels. The point system will range from 10 to 100 in increments of 10 (ex. 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100).


All questions fall within one of eight categories, and are included for reference only:
  • Names: This is the broadest of all categories and includes names of anything that is NOT a place or a person's name, music related, or war related. For example, names of a business, tavern, saloon, occupation, landmark, building, theatre, etc.
  • People: The name of the person
  • Places: City, town and/or state
  • Fun: Questions that tell you exactly where something is. You just need to find WHAT it is.
  • Date: Month, day, year.
  • Unusual: The answer to these questions are strange(and sometimes funny), but true.
  • War: Questions related to any war fought on US soil. It can be a name or a place.
  • Music: Answers are music related. It can be a name or a place.

Every question will have points assigned to it. The lower the points, the less research is required (if any). The higher the points, the more research will be needed to answer the question. For example, a ten (10) point question can be "Who was the first President of the United States?". Easy enough, right? A one hundred (100) point question can be "What was the serial number found on the driving wheel of the train that crashed in 1842?". The answer being 847384ED75834.

As questions get answered by a registrant, points will be added to their bank. At the end of our 'Internet Hunts", which has yet to be determined, the registrants with the five highest points will be the winners.
The prizes for the placement winners will be displayed on the main dashboard of the Internet Hunts page once the prizes are determined. Any update to the prize value and prize information will be found there.

The prize pool (total of all placement prizes) can grow based on donations. Since we are not-for-profit, all donations will go to this pool. So for example, if the prize pool is $500 and someone donates $100, the prize pool will then be $600, and will be split accordingly amongst the placement winners.
Once our Internet Hunt is officially closed, we will verify all winners and their point bank. This will take up to 7 days at which point the winner will be notified by email.


The cost to register and participate in our hunts is FREE. If you like the site and especially the 'hunts' and it's adding some fun and education to you and your family, then feel free to make a donation. It helps maintain this site and funds all prizes.

And finally, Please read comply with our Terms and Conditions and Rules for all our hunts.
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